Educational programs

"Plant magic" workshop (6-11 years)

€ 10 per child
At the heart of these 9 magnificent gardens around the Villa (French, Japanese, Florentine, Spanish, Rose, etc.), children are taken on a tour where they can observe, compare, describe and smell the plants around them. Using plants picked and essential oils, the sensory exploration continues in the workshop, discovering the smells and culinary properties of the flowers and aromatic herbs: crush, break, grind, touch, smell and mix them…
Duration: 2 hr 

"TheGarden Spirits" workshop (11-17 years)

€ 10 per child
Lily the spider from the Spanish garden and Fumi the fish from the Japanese garden are the main characters in a special workshop, the children learn about the history of plants. In the final part of the workshop, the children learn to express their creativity on natural materials by painting on pieces of wood, which they keep as a souvenir of their visit.
Duration: 2 hr

A walk and a story in the garden of dreams (11-17 years)

€ 10 per child
A storyteller carries students away into a fantasy world where words, sights and sounds bring dreams to life: statues and sculptures, fountains and waterfalls, hundred-year-old trees and delicate ferns, each with a unique and enchanting story.
Duration: 1 hr

Combined ticket

 Pass 2 Villas
€ 8.5 per child
Tours of the Ephrussi de Rothschild Villa and Greek Villa Kérylos : a day dedicated to two of the most beautiful Villas on the French Riviera.
Free audio guides in the 2 villas. Tickets are valid for 1 month.