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Oxmo Puccino wears many hats: singer, artist, lyricist, performer, author of seven albums and twice winner of the Victoires de la musique awards. 


Praised for the poetry of his lyrics, he has always been inspired by French chanson, and has worked with Ibrahim Maalouf, M, Gorillaz, Orelsan, Olivia Ruiz, Ben l'oncle soul, IAM, Gaël Faye and many others. He adds theater to this long list, and after the immense success of the play "Marcel", in which Oxmo Puccino shared the stage with Françoise Fabian, we discover his passion for the work of Marcel Proust.Half my songs are about time, the passing of time, tomorrow, yesterday and, all too often, today".


To mark the centenary of the author's death, he decided to pay tribute to his literary friend Marcel by answering his questionnaire. The result is "D'après Marcel", a musical reading accompanied on keyboard by Jeremy Chatelain. Thirty-five answers form an autobiography of Oxmo Puccino.We discover his relationship with life, simplicity and the poetry of the present. For the first time, he talks about the difficult relationship with his mother, who was a trigger for his music, and the people he misses so much. He also talks about his artistic journey through the desert, and the energy he drew from within himself to bounce back. 


We discover his childhood in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, when the circus was performed in the street in front of the Pompidou Center, his adolescence in the same neighborhoods as the Malian mafia, his first successes, his exile in Toulouse, his love of reading, the sacredness of friendship and even a late passion for fishing. 

Marcel Proust spent his life in bed, as Oxmo puts it: "Marcel is a prophet whose message can be summed up as follows: let's do everything we can to spend our lives as if in a bunk bed.


Oxmo Puccino